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About Us

Spindee Co. was founded in 2019 by Flying Discs passionnates. They had a vision couple months prior to its inauguration, started putting it into reality and later held the first Spindee Discs in their hands with the hope of making it the biggest mini frisbee brand on the market.

Just a few months later, they had built the most prolific Flying Disc company of the decade. Located on the east coast of the north american continent, they only achieved these prowess by being true to themselves and keeping the initial intent that they had for their brand at the forefront of their marketing strategies.

Mentionning the clients to be the number one priority in a brand's identity is one thing, but backing that statement with clear and efficient actions is another one. The Spindee Co. team talks about customer service with pride as it has been its main focus since the beginning of its business journey.

They have served thousands of clients with success and continue to do so. Their reputation speaks for itself. However, now that they've established their product in a competitive market with ease, they are already talking about expanding to the other side of the continent with more products and an enhanced customer experience.

The goal is to make an impact in the lives of the people taking part into this new culture which is the Spindee Spirit and the people that built this enterprise are ready to do just so. They have put in place an infrastructure which allows them to focus on the customers and the products that they get, more than the profit that is cummulated at the end of the month.

Spindee will never stop innovating, expanding, growing, changing and building new and better products for the love of its supporters. That being said, if YOU are a Spindee supporter and want to bring value to the brand by giving either your opinion or by sharing your views on the future of the Mini Flying Disc industry, they want to hear your voice and encourage you to do so. Contact them by email or on any social media platform that best suits you, but make sure to do it, your words matter.

Get On Team Spindee!