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The Only Recreational Sport Your Family Needs In a Pandemic World

4 min read

The Only Recreational Sport Your Family Needs In a Pandemic World

There has never been a time in our lives when we had to put in so much extra consideration into everything we do than now. The world, in just a moment, has been completely changed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the resulting laws and restrictions to how we once lived.

We now have to be super cautious of everything we do – for our health, safety, and lives in general. We have to reduce contact as much as possible, keep a distance even when we have to meet, and watch our every move while at it.

It has affected everything - Schools, businesses, industries – everything. The sporting world hasn’t been left out by the impact of the pandemic either.

But somethings will never change: Our need for love and affection will not change, and neither will our need for connection and community. Our need for recreation and relaxation won't. Irrespective of what time we live in, we will have to find a way to satisfy all these inner longings.

While there isn’t one ultimate solution to fixing everything, a Spindee (that’s S.P.I.N.D.E.E) can be a great new entrant into your life and the way you do sports and recreation.

You’re probably asking what the Spindee is and why you should consider it, right? I’ll answer that for you right away.

First of all, it’s a low-to-no contact recreational sport like the Frisbee (or flying disc sport). It is excellent for everyone – dad, mom, the kids, neighbors, friends – everyone! It is especially necessary at a time like this when you have to reduce contact as much as can be but also need to connect and have fun together.

But the Spindee is not just a sport. For beginners, it is also a flying disc. No, it is not ‘another subtype’ of a Frisbee. It is not disc golf. Neither is it the same as the one you use in your dog disc sport.

Yet, it is a flying disc. And yes, you can say it’s a ‘mini Frisbee’ because of its size and because it works similarly to the Frisbee. But you'll be making a mistake if you think it's just another one. It has all of the good qualities of a Frisbee and more.

If you think the Frisbee is excellent, wait till you see and play with the Spindee! And if you don't believe the Frisbee is great, welcome to our world. Don't get us wrong, the Frisbee had a great time, but it needed to be improved, drastically.

That improvement is the Spindee!

Alright, before it begins to sound like hype for this new entrant into the recreational sports world, let's go over three great reasons why you should get and enjoy the Spindee.

1. It’s the future of recreational sports for everyone: Okay, maybe that sounds like too much of a claim, but it is vitally essential for our new reality in a lockdown and post-corona world. And even if it doesn’t become the future, it will be integral to life in the future. Why? As stated above, it is a low-to-no contact sport. So you can enjoy laughter and love (basic requirements for a healthy soul) with everyone without touching people too much.

2. Not just another pastime: At such a time when you have to continually work on your health and improve your immunity (or at least maintain it), a sport for the whole body is essential. The Spindee is an excellent exercise for the entire body without working you out too much to experience injuries like the old, mundane Frisbee. Frisbee's injury stats are alarming, especially for injuries to the shoulders, knee, and ankle.

It’s also better than your video games. While video games are great and help you connect with other people, Spindee can help achieve what video games cannot. What’s that? An exercised and fit body! As you exercise your body playing, you (and your family members) are building a better immune system too.

3. Involvement of people of all sizes, shapes, gender, and ages: Unlike the Frisbee, the Spindee is super easy for kids to manage. This means they can be easily included in a game of Spindee with the adults. Your toddler, as long as he can move and catch things, can join you.

    Like the regular Frisbee, all genders can play a game of Spindee. So no member of your family has to be left out. Neither does anyone in your neighborhood! Win-win for everyone involved.

    Besides the fact that everyone can play the game, it represents more bonding for the entire family. Or where else would a family bond than over a game of Spindee?

    Recreational sport is essential more now than ever for the many benefits it holds. While there are several other recreational sports you can enjoy, a low-contact sport is paramount in a post-corona world. Spindee fulfills all the requirements of a great recreational sport to enjoy with friends and loved ones in a time like this. It will help you exercise and boost your immune system and bond with every family member or friend playing the game while helping you reduce contact as much as possible.

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