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Spindee, The No. 1 Sport For Your Kids!

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Spindee, The No. 1 Sport For Your Kids!

Your kids can now have the best outdoor gaming experience ever, despite the lockdown and social distancing...

People have had to make dramatic changes to how they live, work, and play because of the COVID-19 and its impact worldwide.

Children may not be the worst hit when it comes to contracting the disease, but they are the worse hit by the restrictions and lockdown. How? Outdoor play, sports, and interpersonal interaction are critical to their growth, and it has been affected.

I believe we all agree that’s a serious matter. But don’t worry, there’s still a way out.

Okay. Enough of the teasing. What's the best sport for my kids right now?

The answer: It’s the Spindee!

Did I hear you say that you do not have no clue know what that is and that you've never heard of it before? You're right. It's a relatively new entrant into the world of sports, but it builds on one that has been there a long time – the Frisbee.

The Spindee, as a sport, is similar to the Frisbee (or ultimate/flying disc sport). It is a no-contact sport like the above and should be what you push for. It has all the blessings of the Ultimate for kids. Benefits such as developing physical literacy skills, including hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, multisensory processing, balance and proprioception.

Other essential life skills it can help your kids develop include self-regulation, honesty, and empathy, logical thinking skills through strategy, cooperation and teamwork, and healthy competition.

If there's ever been a time your kid needed all these, it is now! From now on, all these skills (life and physical literacy skills) will be more than crucial to surviving and thriving. No one can truly predict the pandemic's full impact, but one thing is sure: this is the best time to prepare your kids for the new future. And what better way to do it than a game of Spindee?

The flying disc involved is small, like a mini Frisbee, and can be handled and managed by kids of all sizes, ages, gender, and shapes. So none of your kids has to be left out, and neither do their friends or your neighbor’s kids.

If you like, you can even join in the game. It’s a game that can be enjoyed by every family member. And like we listed above, it fulfills all the qualities of a good outdoor sport for a time like this.

The only thing that now stands in your way is to get a set of Spindees and start playing with your kids. Or get them for your kids alone. Whatever you choose!

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