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Bring Life To Your Days With Spindee!

4 min read

Bring Life To Your Days With Spindee!

Why The Spindee Should Be A Part Of Your Children’s And Family’s Culture

The rate and degree of depression are increasing every day, especially among children and young adults with increased social media exposure. Then, there are other world and economic events adding to make life difficult. Dealing with depression and the recurring bouts of 'not in a good mood' is now an essential that every family must learn.

It’s important to let a family member going through depression know that you’re there for them. But sometimes, cheering them up doesn’t seem to work. It looks like all the 'be positive,' 'look on the bright side’ talk fails sometimes.

At such a point when psychotherapy and even medication doesn’t work, a game of Spindee will do.

I know that that's a bold statement to make, and you're probably thinking, "Why will you make such a claim?" or maybe, "This is just another marketing stunt."

But it’s not, and we can make that kind of claim because it is backed by science.

First of all, there are several other games that can achieve that, but our focus is on the game of Spindee because it’s a game for every member of the family and people of every age, and one that your friends can also join in.

By The Way, What Is Spindee?

A Spindee is both a game and a flying disk used in playing the game.

As a flying disk, it is the perfect mini flying disk that can be handled by all family members irrespective of age, making it inclusive from the start. It is similar to the Frisbee in functionality but smaller in size and much better than the Frisbee – a whole lot better. It's more advanced and upgraded; you wouldn't dream of the Frisbee after playing with the Spindee. It can go for up to 250 to 300 feet when thrown.

As a game, it is very similar to the game of Frisbee (or Ultimate) and can be played in, practically, the same way. And it doesn’t require any level of expertise. Of course, you can decide to enjoy your Spindee anyhow you deem fit.

So, What’s The Science Behind It?

How can a game of Spindee help you improve your mood? How can it help you either completely destroy depression, or reduce it?

We all know that the brain is the center of all control; that also includes motion. The brain controls all the movement in and of the body. 

But the good thing is that motion also affects the brain. Research has shown that moving can affect one's state of mind, so the relationship between movement and your brain is a 'two-way street.'

It's this effect that motion has on the brain that is the reason you are advised to 'take a walk,’ especially when you have to clear your head. Your thoughts don’t just crystallize or become clearer by accident when you walk; there’s a mechanism behind.

Athletes and those who go out for a run are always maximizing this benefit of motion on the brain. But it’s not just taking a walk or running that has this effect on the brain. All sports that include some form of aerobics do, especially when it’s intense.

That is where a game of Spindee comes in. It requires and integrates several different types of motion, including running and jumping (leg motions), and throwing and swinging the arms (arm motion). When these aerobic motions are made in exercise or with intensity as in a game of Spindee (sports), they release BDNF in the brain.

BDNF is a brain protein (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) that helps nerve fibers grow and helps create new neural pathways in the brain. These, in turn, assist in both creativity and in improving how you think and feel.

Let’s repeat that for the sake of emphasis (and so that you don’t miss it):

Aerobic motion and exercise like in a game of Spindee improve how you think and feel! It improves your mood and can help you get out of depression.

Besides, the running, throwing, jumping, and other forms of movement involved in the game of Spindee all release adrenalin – the body’s flight or fight hormone. As you might already be thinking, this further improves a person’s chances of coming out of depression or having an improved mood.

Therefore, if you notice any member of your family sinking into depression, invite and encourage them to join a game of Spindee. If any member of your family is experiencing depression or is always 'not in a good mood,' get to play a game of Spindee and experience the mood-alleviating-depression-reducing benefit of the game of Spindee.

Also, it doesn't require expertise per se, so you can play it with family and friends – people you know have your back. The warmth and love of family, together with the impact of motion on the brain, can help bring one out of depression. It is mostly a non-contact sport, so it is not threatening and won't feel aggressive to someone already sinking.

But while a game of Spindee can be great for helping someone with depression or bad moods, using it as a preventive measure is a smart move to make. Better to prevent getting into depression than to try to cure it or bring one out. It would be best if you incorporate it into your family culture for this reason. This way, you can reap the good benefits of this age- and family-friendly game.

So are you depressed, feeling anxious, or just moody? Try a game of Spindee.

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